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DNS Servers

 June 23, 2020     0 Comments

The DNS nameservers to point your domain to are listed below. If you have asked us to register your domain for you, this will be done automatically. We have also provided the IP addresses of our nameservers in case you wish to create your own custom nameservers for your sites. You should point your domain at all three nameservers, not just two of them.

The following namservers should be used for all new domains:

  • -
  • -
  • -

Please note that these IP addresses may be changed from time to time. Please inform us if you create custom nameservers for your domains as we will need to inform you in the event of an IP address changing.

Our nameservers are spread across the United Kingdom, France and the United States, in order to provide greater redundancy. We use different datacentre providers in order to prevent any network or connectivity issues having an effect on multiple servers. Each nameserver retains its own full copy of the DNS records held by the cluster, which are regularly synchronised across all the servers to ensure every server has current data and no outdated records.

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